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Year 13 – Music Video – Things to consider: Lighting

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Year 12 – Representation – Taylor Swift

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Prep – Wednesday 27th September.

You need to watch the video below and complete the following question:


“In the video for ‘Look what you made me do’ Taylor Swift represents the genders in a positive way.”  Do you agree with this statement?  Give evidence to back up your opinion. Is the video an example of ‘male gaze’?  Give evidence to back up your opinion. 400-500 words (2 sides hand written, 1-1.5 sides typed).

Year 12 – Representation of Gender

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There is some fruity language in the following video – but it explains Male Gaze well 🙂



In pairs create a detailed presentation (similar to the ‘representation of masculinity’ one above) or note sheet, covering the representation of femininity.  Marks and credits will be awarded for detail and construction.  You will not have to present it to the class, but Mrs B show the best ones!

Minimum requirement slides:

  • Typical female
  • Dominant female stereotypes
  • Evolution of woman – historical contexts
  • 2 x case studies (with clips)


Year 12 – Representation – Construction task

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Your task:

Taking the photo you have chosen, show how representation changes the viewers’ perception.  You will select, omit and construct from your photo to create the following versions:

  1. Select and omit a part of the photo which if seen on its own, would completely change the meaning of it.

  2. Add something to the photo to completely change it’s meaning.

  3. Put a filter across the photo to completely change the meaning.

  4. Add text to the photo to make it an advert.

  5. Add text to the photo to make it a film poster (meaning should be opposite of 4).

Your work will be displayed on an A3 piece of paper and you should be prepared to justify your choices to the rest of the class.

Year 13 – Music Video – things to consider: Camera and Editing

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Single Shot…



Interesting Camera Work/Editing…


Year 13 – Music Video – Lyric video prelim task

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There is no official prelim task for this coursework, however the following task will prove incredibly useful for you in improving your editing skills.

You are to produce a lyric video for the song of your choice (radio edits only please – this is school work).  You can work on your own, or in a group.

Below is a selection of good lyric videos to inspire you!