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Year 12 and Year 13 Storyboards!

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You are going to need these soon!

Storyboard (2)



Storyboarding in Media Studies on Mediaedu

storyboarding a scene


Year 12 – Theory Thursday – Representation: Judith Butler

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Year 12 – Music Video Remake task

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The following task will allow you to closely analyse a video, get used to thinking about representations and prepare for the requirements of your NEA.

You may work in groups of up to 3 people.


Remake one of the following videos, either as closely shot for shot as possible or as a parody or pastiche.

By Wednesday 14th November you should submit the following:

  • A shooting script of the original video, from which you have based your remake – it must list camera angles, shots and movement.

  • A storyboard of one minute of the original video.

  • A list of the main elements you must include in your video, taking into consideration: cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene

  • A list of the main representation present in both the original video and your remake (if different)

  • Your final video.

The following documents will help you.

top media film analysis terms


You may choose from the following iconic videos:


Year 12 – Music Video – EMI essay

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How has EMI developed as a record company?

Due Friday Oct 5th @ 12pm (midday)

Year 12 – News and Online Media – Guardian v. Mail prep

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Answer the following question in as much detail as you can, comparing the Daily Mail and Guardian front pages and how they promote their news values.


How do the two front pages below show the news values, political context, and economic and business contexts of the Daily Mail and the Guardian?  Are they typical of what you would expect from the papers? (500 words)

Due Saturday 29th September by 12pm (midday)

If you are sending me your work by email – PDF, Pages or Word please.

Year 12 – Theory Thursdays – Representation: Guantlett

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  • The media have an important but complex relationship with identities. In the modern world, it is now an expectation that individuals make choices about their identity and lifestyle. Even in the traditional media, there are many diverse and contradictory media messages that individuals can use to think through their identities and ways of expressing themselves. For example, the success of ‘popular feminism’ and increasing representation of different sexualities created a world where the meaning of gender, sexuality and identity is increasingly open.