12p3 – Mrs Black’s half term work…

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On the first lesson back after half term you will be pitching your idea for a new TV drama to the rest of the class – at stake are 2 credit slips and chocolate/sweeties of your choice.

You need to be prepared to talk about the following things:

  • Genre or sub-genre and why you have chosen it
  • A brief story synopsis – what drives the drama?
  • Who will star ideally? – 3 to 5 key roles
  • Where is it set?
  • Where will it be filmed? (Research where current dramas are filmed for ideas.)
  • How much will it cost? (Research how much similar dramas have cost for the first season.)
  • How will it attract the audience? (You need to show your knowledge of the audience theories here!)
  • Which ‘channel’ is it made for and why?

Good luck!

Mrs B


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