Ancillary tasks

A2 – The best digipaks from last year…

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For inspiration…







Year 13 – Ancillary Tasks

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Dear All

The time has come to begin work on your two ancillary tasks… here is the checklist and some help with the digipak…

A2 Coursework Ancillary Texts Planning music (revised 0115)


digipack template  digipak6p-111-TR

Year 13 – This wikipedia post is really worth a look…

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There is a Grammy award for the best music promotion package, it goes to the Art Director rather than the artiste… a good place to go for inspiration!

This is also really interesting!

Biophilia The_Black_Keys_-_Brothers

Year 13 – Ancillary tasks – digipak

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digi 6-panel-digipaks CDDG-6P2T1V-003 (3D) digipack template digipak 6 sides digipak6p-111-TR

Here is the Ancillary task sheet again, and some useful things:

A2 Coursework Ancillary Texts Planning music (revised 1013)