Year 12 – Representation of Gender

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There is some fruity language in the following video – but it explains Male Gaze well 🙂



In pairs create a detailed presentation (similar to the ‘representation of masculinity’ one above) or note sheet, covering the representation of femininity.  Marks and credits will be awarded for detail and construction.  You will not have to present it to the class, but Mrs B show the best ones!

Minimum requirement slides:

  • Typical female
  • Dominant female stereotypes
  • Evolution of woman – historical contexts
  • 2 x case studies (with clips)



Year 12 into 13 Transition Skills Project

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Year 12 Transition Skills Project

Your A2 coursework requires an increase in your level of filming and editing skills.  Over the next weeks you will create a short film illustrating the following filming effects, as you create it you will learn what they are and how to do them.  They will prove very useful in your A2 coursework.


Create a short film (3-4mins) which illustrates the following filming effects and tricks:


  • Dolly zoom/contrazoom
  • Pole Cam
  • Timelapse
  • Tilt shift
  • Slow Motion
  • Stop motion
  • Reverse motion
  • False perspective
  • Walking up the side of a building

Editing (pick 3 of the following):

  • Split screen
  • Lens flare
  • Bokeh
  • Stencil
  • Holgaart
  • Pinhole camera
  • Pop Art
  • Halftone

Mise-en-scene (pick 1)

  •  Black light make-up and costume
  • Hollywood glamour era make-up and hair
  • Horror make-up
  • Science fiction make-up
  • Face/body paint as art

You may work in groups or on your own.

The following should be submitted as proof of work (your teacher will give you the final submission date):

  • Storyboard
  • Shot list
  • Finished film

Year 12 Transition Skills Project

Below are some examples of the techniques in use:

Poll camera

Time lapse and stop motion

Tilt shift

Reverse motion

Extreme slow motion

Walking up the side of the building (and ‘comic book’)

Split screen


Stencil effect

Halftone and Pop Art

Black light

Face/body paint

Year 12 – TV Drama – Disability

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(Not and exam board clip)