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Year 10 – Film Studies NEA – Screen Writing: Mood Board

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To refine your ideas for your film, you need to make a mood board.  Mood boards are made by all sorts of designers from architects to wedding planners, fashion designers to (of course) film producers, to give clients ideas of what a finished product will look like.  The usually take the form of a board covered in photos, illustrations, colours and fonts that are going to be used as inspiration.  Below are some examples.

You make your mood board do one of the following:

EITHER – take an A3 piece of paper, spare magazines and images from the internet and using glue and scissors collect together your ideas.

OR – take a single Powepoint slid and add images and fonts onto it.  You can then save it as a single image.


Year 10 – Film Studies NEA – Creative ‘box’

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To help you with your story ideas, you are going to collect and curate a digital ‘box’ of ideas (we used to do this physically with a shoe box, but now you are going to do it virtually).

1.On a blog post collect together the following things

  • Two famous works of art you like.
  • Two famous photographs you like.
  • A local (UK) news story which interests you.
  • An international news story which interests you.
  • A story from your family.
  • A dramatic incident from your past.
  • Lyrics from your favourite song.
  • A strange image.
  • A strange object (picture of).
  • Picture of your favourite male actor.
  • Picture of your favourite female actor.
  • Favourite (clean) meme or gif.
  • Favourite music video.
  • Trailer for your favourite film.

Once you have gathered and posted the above, write about why you have chosen each thing, and what themes you can see across them.  Write about how these things might influence your story.

2. On a separate blog post, write about your initial story ideas.