GCSE – Action Adventure Films – Genres

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GCSE – TV Comedy – History of TV

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TV Technology

History on US TV

TV Licence


Year 10 – Media Exchange Work – Audience and Institutions

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Dear Exchangee

Please find below the work you need to try and do while you are on exchange.  The work in based on situation comedy and the companies which make them, and the work is to help you answer section B of your Media GCSE exam.

Section 1 – Institutions

Institutions are the companies and organisations which make film, TV and other media.  You are going to research two TV channels, the BBC and Channel 4.   Fill in the sheet attached once for BBC and once for Channel 4:

Research Task

Section 2 – Situation Comedies (Sitcom)

Work through the PowerPoint below and come up with the idea for a new sitcom.  This task helps you to learn what makes a sitcom funny and why people make them.


Section 3 – Specific comedies

You need to watch one comedy from the BBC and one from Channel 4.

The best place to look is http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/categories/comedy/all?sort=dateavailable for BBC and http://www.channel4.com/programmes/categories/comedy for channel 4.

You need to make sure you watch a different type of comedy from each channel, for example if you watch a sitcom on BBC you must watch something like a panel show on Channel 4.  Below is a helpful list:


  • Mock the Week
  • Have I Got News for You
  • Live at the Apollo
  • QI
  • Russell Howard’s Good News
  • Dad’s Army (sitcom)
  • Peter Kay’s Car Share (sitcom)
  • Citizen Khan (sitcom)
  • Would I Lie to You
  • Josh (sitcom)
  • Bad Education (sitcom)
  • Mrs Brown’s Boys (sitcom)

Channel 4

  • Peep Show (sitcom)
  • The Big Bang Theory (sitcom)
  • New Girl (sitcom)
  • The Inbetweeners (sitcom)
  • IT Crowd (sitcom)
  • 8 out of 10 cats
  • The Last Leg
  • Father Ted (sitcom)

Make notes on each, on how each thing is funny and who you think the audience is.

Section 4 – Audience Pleasures

When you study media you have to try and figure out why things are made and why people watch them.  Most of the time we watch things for pleasure.  You need to investigate what these ‘pleasures’ are and how they appear in the comedies you have watched.

On the sheet below, try and find out what each of the pleasures is and write a definition. (Tip – when searching make sure you search the word(s) and the word audience).

Once you have done that, try and fill in how each of the comedies fulfils the pleasures.

Audience Pleasure in TV Comedy

If you need any help – remember I am on the email almost all the time!  blackg@gordonstoun…

Good Luck!

bbc Channel4