Year 12 – News and Online – New Newspaper pitch

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Your task is to pitch a new newspaper to convince your investor (Mrs Black) that you are going to be able to make it work and make money.  There will be rewards for the best group.

In your pitch you must include the following:

  • Name of paper
  • Initial target circulation
  • Online presence
  • Social media presence
  • Target age group
  • Target audience demographic
  • Which media conglomorates might you consider working with
  • Political affiliation
  • Mission statement
  • Cost of paper
  • Cost of advertising (full page colour, one insertion)

You must justify your choices with evidence from the ‘real world’ newspaper market.

You must present your work in a Pecha-kucha format

  • 20 visual slides
  • 20 second each
  • You talk over the top – see the video above

For presentation on Thursday’s lesson.


Year 12 – Mrs B – History of Pop Music model presentation

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Here is the link to the ‘History of Pop Music’ prezi which I want you to use as a model for your media history presentation.


Remember, you need to cover the following things…

  • When your Media form started and why.
  • A decade by decade breakdown of the advances your Media area has made.
  • A consideration of how technology has influenced your Media area.
  • A consideration of how your Media area has influenced society.
  • Lots of clips and pictures.
  • Little writing.

You will have to present it to the class and also produce a set of triangular bunting flags.  PowerPoint or Prezi.