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Year 13 – PoMo – Lady Gaga

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Year 13 – Mrs Black’s holiday work – Postmodernism

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Please answer at least one of the following questions over the holiday.  If you normally hand-write exams, please hand write your answer, otherwise you can type it up.  Please either only use an hour to answer, or mark on the paper where you have got to in the hour.

Due first lesson back.

June 2010

  1. Why are some media products described as postmodern?


  1. “Postmodern media blur the boundary between reality and representation.” Discuss this idea with reference to media texts you have studied.


January 2010

  1. What is meant by ‘postmodern media’?


  1. Explain the idea why ‘postmodern media’ might be considered controversial.

Year 13 – Postmodern Media – Digimodernism and Post Postmodernism

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Create a short video (2 mins maximum) explaining Alan Kirby’s ideas on Digimodernism and any other relevant theories about Post Postmodernism.  The video may be a vlog, a short documentary style film or an animation, but it must use your own words.  You have 2 lessons and a prep to get this done.  Due Monday 28th November 2016.


Useful things!


Kirby Digimodernism

Problems with PoMo

The Death of Postmodernism And Beyond Kirkby (2)

Year 13 – Postmodern Media – Lyotard inforgraphics

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Some excellent infographics on Lyotard made by 13 p3:



Year 13 – Postmodern Media – Lyotard

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  • Using the Prezi, YouTube and anything else you can find on Lyotard…
  • Convert your notes into an infographic explaining to a non-media student what Lyotard thought and how it is proved by current media texts.
  • Infographic makers:

Year 13 (Mrs Black) – Postmodern Media – Cultural Capital questions

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If class and identity is partly defined by what you know and how much cultural capital you have, how does a postmodern text which blends high and low culture affect society and class?

Your response should be approx. 500 words.  You should try to use the note sheets on cultural capital.  Remember your opinion, as long as you can back it up with facts and theories, counts!  You may want to use the following text as inspiration: