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The best music videos of 2011?

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AS Resit practice question

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How has the director represented gender in the following clip?

Effects to try – more things you could do with your videos…

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As shown to you in your lesson today!

The Wretch 32 video below use stencilling, depth of field and reflections to good effect:

This Ellie Goulding video uses vintage colour, bokeh and depth of field.


Use of cyanotype

Tilt Shift

Cross Process

Use of text




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OCR Books Online

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The two Media Studies books that we use are available to you online and free!

Go to the link below

Then use this id to get the AS or the A2 book.
Centre ID: 15903

Title Student username Student password
OCR Media Studies for AS Dynamic
ocrmedas student
OCR Media Studies for A2 Dynamic
ocrmedstud2 student